Monday, July 13, 2009


Hola a todos! This weekend we went to Granada and it was an absolutely beautiful city. On Friday we got there and had some free time to see a little bit of the city. It is definitely much different than Madrid! It is much smaller and the city center is full of little shops and amazing restaurants. After dinner we walked to the market at the top of the highest hill in Granada and got to see a beautiful view before going to see a flamenco show. The flamenco show was so amazing! The next day we went to the beach for the day. On Sunday, we went to La Alhambra, the last Muslim stronghold in Spain before it fell to the Christian Monarchs Ferdiand and Isabel in the 15th Century. Unfortunately, my camera battery died just before we got there, but it is absolutely beautiful. After that, we had a long drive home to Madrid. Overall, it was a great weekend. This week we have midterms so it should be a pretty quiet week. On Friday we go to Santander!

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