Thursday, July 9, 2009


Greetings Americans,

We have just gotten out of bed after a 4 hour siesta (awesome, I know) and now we are going to go walk around Madrid for a bit. Nothing too terribly exciting, but we do need to save up for a weekend full of fun in GRANADA.

Tonight, we are all going to a Spanish Karoke Bar. I may or may not feel obligated to bust of some Ricky Martin because after all, we are living la vida loca.

Tomorrow at 8am, we head to Granada. It will be a 6 hour trip on the bus there and then beach and relaxation the rest of the day. It should be a blast!

On Tuesday night, we saw a play with our spanish brother, Tomas. I think we would have really enjoyed it if...
1. It wasn't a 200 degree inferno.
2. We understood what was going on.
3. There weren't only 13 people in the crowd.

Pictures to come on Sunday or Monday!

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  1. Make sure you are ready for the 6 hrs. back.