Saturday, June 13, 2009

airplane adventure

Delta put me through quite an adventure today...I boarded my first flight in Orlando around 7:30pm and got to Atlanta on time. However, we had to circle the airport for over half an hour because of storm cells. Once on the ground, I ran to my connecting flight to London and we couldn't board for another hour because of lightning. THEN...another plane was in the air with the same flight number as ours, so we couldn't take off until all the appropriate paperwork was taken care of so that we could get a new flight number. So two hours behind schedule, we finally left! The flight was fine and and arrived in London around 1pm local time...unfortuately, my bad did not. It is still in Atlanta and will arrive tomorrow. Oh well...just going to borrow some clothes from Ashley. We are now at Claudia's (my cousin's) flat and we are about to head out to do some sight seeing and find our way around the neighborhood. Final Feelings on Life: Yay for being in London, Boo for my bag being in Atlanta.


1 comment:

  1. Wish i could have said bye before you left, but sounds like you're goign to have an amazing time. You guys better take millions of pictures and keep me updated.

    ps. I hope you did some harry potter like things in England..