Friday, June 5, 2009


Greetings from Gainesville, Florida, where the sun has refused to shine for over a month. With only 3 days until our dreaded LSAT is over and 6 days until we embark on our eurotrip adventure, Jessica and I can hardly contain our excitement! Here is a quick look at the places we will be and when.

June 12- Fly from US to Heathrow
June 13- London
June 14- London
June 15- London
June 16- Paris
June 17- Paris
June 18- Versailles
June 19- Venice
June 20- Florence
June 21- Florence
June 22- Cinque Terre
June 23- Cinque Terre
June 24- Rome
June 25- Rome
June 26- Rome
June 27-July 29- MADRID!

If you have any suggestions of things we MUST do/see in one of these particular cities, please let us know!

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