Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Day Ever...

Bon jour and greetings from Paris. In my opinion, this day sets the standard for the rest of the trip. Here was our schedule for today:
8:00am- try to wake up
9:00am- actually wake up
10:00am- Louvre
1:00pm- walk through Tullieres Jardin down the Champs Ellyses past the Concorde to the arc de Triomphe
3:000pm- get on the metro and go to Mont Martre
5:00pm- best place in the world- Sacre Couer
7:00pm- nutella and Banana Crepe
7:30pm-9:00pm- awesome nap
10:00pm- dinner and walk around Latin Quarter
I loved the Lourve, but my favorite part of the day was our time in Mont Martre. What an amazing town! It was an incredibly steep climb up the mountain, but considering the sheer amount of ice cream we’ve been eating… I’d say it did us well. From the Sacre Couer, you were able to see the entire city of Paris. We sat on the steps of the Church for an hour people watching and listening to live music.
Tomorrow we are off to Versailles!
Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Louis XIV loved oranges and had lots of orange trees planted around Versailles. Make sure you get some orange juice. It's goooooood!