Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paris is for Lovers

It is late here in Paris so here is just a quick recap of things that we did today as well as some funny facts that we thought you might enjoy.

First we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and then took a walking tour of the Latin Quarter which was so amazing. Shout out to Dana who was the greatest tour guide ever despite being in a BUI (biking under the influence) accident the night before. Then we got some baguettes and they were the best sandwiches we have every had in our lives. We also had some very great ice cream and then came back to our hotel and got ready to go to the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up at dusk. We climbed 300 stairs to get to the first level and decided our thighs were burning too much to go any further. There was a ridiculous line to take the elevator and we didn't want to wait. Overall it was a great first day in Paris and we are excited for tomorrow. Funny Facts Below...

-Police walk around holding AK-47s. Funny enough, this makes us feel less safe.
-People love to make out everywhere. Stay tuned for a post full of PDA pictures.
-Everywhere we go we meet law school studets. they all hate law school. this is not comforting.
-Saint Genevieve's finger looks like a chicken wing.
-Foreign children rule, American children drool.
-Skype is being "dodgy" so apologies to everyone we have tried to call.
-Either the sizes in Paris are different, or Ashley's thighs are considerably bigger than when we left.

...ta ta for now,


  1. Granted I was packing some lbs. when I was last in Europe, but the sizes are uber small compared to America. It's all those cigs--they keep the ladies ano looking.

  2. when i cam back from spain, the only thing that fit me were my overalls. take heed.

  3. I keep trying to put this on Yahoo...but no. It appears you two are having a good time. Try not to exhaust yourself. You don't want to get sick. I know the walking is taking care of your exercise. The pictures were good.