Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Florence to Cinque Terre

The morning of the 22nd, we sadly left Florence for Cinque Terre, five small towns in the Tuscan Region. We got on a train from Florence to Pisa, where we got off for a one hour lay over to see the famous leaning tower. We were seriously the most obnoxious picture taking tourists that have ever visited that leaning tower. We met three older American couples who realized our expertise at hilarious leaning tower poses (see below) and we became make-shift Pisa Photographers…it was funny. After about an hour in Pisa, we boarded a train toward Cinque Terre. Here is where it gets interesting…
Our ticket was for Florence with a stop over in Piza and onto Sarzana?? However, everything we read said to get off at La Spezia and then take a small regional train onto the town of Vernazza. I am not good at trains and so we mistakenly got off at Sarzana and had a one hour-wait until we could catch a regional train to Vernazza. So here we are in Sarzana, where no one speaks English and we don’t know what is going on…we are hoping for the best.
Update: it just started to rain. Cool.

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