Monday, June 29, 2009

Hola from Espana!

Hi from Madrid, Spain! Today was a busy day as we moved in with our host family and had a meeting with our program and a tour of Madrid. Our family is absolutely amazing! They are originally from Argentina and they own a theater school and company here in Madrid. They have four children, but only two live in the home. Tomas is 23 and very nice and their daughter, who we have not met yet is 17 and will be traveling a lot this summer. Adjusting to this lifestyle is definitely going to be interesting. It is 10:15pm and we just finished dinner...and it was an early dinner for them! We did have a wonderful siesta today though, which definitely gave us a little more energy. All the kids in our program seem really nice and we can't wait to get to know all of them. This weekend we are all going on a trip to Toledo and we are really looking forward to seeing the history of that great city!

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