Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Two en Espana

Last night we met up with some of the other students in our program at an Irish Pub (weird, I know) called Dubliners in the city center. We only stayed for a couple hours because everyone else had just flown in that day an they were all extremely tired. We got to know everyone a lot better and we are excited to spend the next five weeks with them. Today we woke up and went back to La Parque Retiro, kind of a central park of Mardid, and walked around. We saw the Cristal Palace and the Palace of Valasquez. Then we went over to the business district and did a little shopping...but no buying. The dollar is super-weak right now so everything is very expensive. We are still looking for some good deals. The one thing Spain does right is shoes! They are inexpensive and so much cuter than in the U.S. I think they will be my downfall. Oh well...

This afternoon, we had a meeting about our first out of town trip to Toledo and El Escorial. I am excited to see this very old city and we have a pool at our hotel! It is hot as hell in Spain right now! Ok, dinner is ready...adios!

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