Tuesday, June 16, 2009

London Conlusions.

Jessica and I are currently on the chunnel to Paris right now. It’s 6:55am here. Woke up at 4:30am, thanks to our super sweet high-tech ipod alarms that we recently figured out, and went to sleep around 2am. Amazed that we made it here on time, we’d like to give some shout outs to mama Lewis and Mama Rogover for making us get to our transportation location on time. We were obviously earliest, but not necessarily most sober, people at King’s Cross International Station this morning.
We just loved London! We did everything we wanted to do and more. Yesterday, we woke up, went to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, met Ashley Delaney and Caitlin Grimes at Westminster for a tour, went to Regents Park OPEN AIR THEATRE to see Much Ado About Nothing (where I preceded to take a nice Shakespearian nap in the sun, sorry William) then Claudia made us dinner (awesome), then we went out to a “swanky” night club, MAHIKI, and we made some friendz. As far as perfect days go, we’d give it a a+.
Lastly, a BIG BIG BIG internet hug to Claudia Myles, who let us take over her flat for the past 4 days. YAY FOR CLAUDIA getting her room back! We had an amazing time with you and thanks for everything.
Next stop… Paris.

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  1. My pleasure- i miss you guys! Enjoy gay Paris! :)