Saturday, June 13, 2009

a traveling circus...

Greetings from London, the first destination in our euro-adventure. We are staying in CLAUDIA's flat and we just spent 30 minutes attempting to use our American brains to turn on the shower... turns out the English outsmarted us, thank you Winston Churchill.

Yesterday at noon, started the longest day of my life. A two hour flight to Cleveland was followed by an 8 hour layover. I tried to bust out and hitch a ride to the rock n roll hall of fame, but i was unsuccessful, sorry Elvis. Some deductions from the CLEVE. 1. If I were a businesswoman, I would think about perhaps opening a gym. Seemed like a good market for a few ab machines. 2. A few too many Ellen Degeneres look-a-likes flooded my terminal. Good thing OHIO went blue in '08.

The plane to London was awesome. I sat next to a small white woman who rarely moved or talked, always a plus in my eyes. I had a she-pilot and male flight attendants, awesome. Arrived in London at 8:00am and waited for Jessica's plane to arrive at 1:30pm. I slept on a sweet bench, sorry Lourdes because it probably wasn't clean and I probably looked homeless. I got up around noon when a janitor asked if I needed to borrow his phone, i figured that wasn't a good sign.

Off the the Globe Theater and to discover life as a euro!

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